A Tale of Bolerias

Session 1

The journey begins in the Five Kingdoms, in the country of Mysragaen. At The Hollow Jester, a tavern in the port city of Ilyar, the threads of fate seem to come together as the group joins together. Hai-Sho has come off a ship called Harbinger from the dock, Soveliss spent the evening there, Alkaid sat in a corner, and Mardik Falconhoof was with his companion Baern, on a trade trip from the mountains north. Baern hired the other three and headed off north. Along the way, they found the town of Ironwood (in the Ironwood Forest) under siege from orcs, strange, given how the orcs usually stay within the mountains. After fighting off waves, the party left to search for the orcs in the forest. They found them in a cave, and discovered the orcs working with duergar, plotting the sabotage of trade caravans from the mountains. The party let the orc shaman/leader go.

The party returned to Ironwood and headed north, into the Dawnforge Mountains and reached Hammerfast, a village in a valley resting within the mountains. At Rondal’s Inn, the party met Mardik’s cousin, Dargrim, and was paid by Baern, and given a hiring opportunity to watch a warehouse during Siege Day. While at the warehouse, the party was ambushed by duergar, one of which they captured. Baern then instructed the party to search out in the countryside.



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