A Tale of Bolerias

Session 2

The party went out and started searching, and after a few hours found a cave that they found a lone duergar guard in. They swam through an underground river along a rope, and found Dargrim and his guards conversing with some duergar. The party entered a fight, and after defeating the duergar, was backstabbed by Dargrim, who’s party they also defeated. Dargrim was then brought back to Hammerfast and incarcerated. The monk was also given a magic scroll that bore the symbol of Pelor but also the markings of his monastery.

The following day, the party left eastward for the city of Tren, in the Greylands, another of the Five Kingdoms. They were told that the Fellhammer Clan intends to rebuild the kingdom across the sea, in a foreign country of Bolerias. At Tren, however, the party found that the farmlands were being mysteriously set ablaze. At the insistence of the monk, the party went out to search for the cause, and found a nest of drakes in a cave. When the odds seemed insurmountable, the druid let out a sort of burst of power that destroyed all the other drakes, and continued off. The party followed, and found the druid in some strange form facing off against a drake, who recognized the druid. The party defeated the drake, but was then faced with battling the druid. Then the party learned about the primal beast that lives within the druid.

Back at Tren, the party is brought to the council meeting, and Baern convinces the Five Kingdoms to re-establish trade routes across the sea with Bolerias. The party is hired and it is intended for them to leave in the next couple of weeks as Baern returns to Hammerfast to gather troops and goods. In the meantime, the party goes exploring around the city: Hai-Sho finds some scrolls at a temple of Pelor, and Soveliss meets Iannes, a deva knight of the Raven Queen. Dwarf acquired a potted plant to keep the druid from going crazy.



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