A Tale of Bolerias

Session 4

The was narrated to the party at the beginning of the fifth session.
“You rode north from Intielk into a forest, where you were ambushed by a sentient ballista, obviously enchanted by some sorcery. During the ride it started to rain heavily, and you took refuge at the farm of some man named Elliot, where you were besieged by a strange and revealing dream. The morning after, you found the house empty, Elliot gone, and the ‘farm’ barren, the land untouched.

You continued onward until reaching a village at the base of the mountains of Olrem, a town called Sarm. There were still people here, and they told you of the troubles that had besieged them since the fog came, and how few traveled into the mountains returned. A guide there, Pern, gave you passage up the mountain and left you at the bridge leading into Olrem, a bridge where you were attacked by a set of wyverns.

Inside the mountain, however, did you face a different challenge. The mountain closed on you, and you found yourselves traveling down confusing passageways and fighting creatures that emerged from the dirt beneath your feet. After some time you all came to a part in the side of the mountain by climbing up a rope, and after going down a hallway met a dwarf named Trisbul Trensmar the Fourth, and his pet destrachan named Alfus. You then proceeded down another corridor from his house, into a large cavern where you faced off a horde of mud monsters. Afterwards, you crossed a large drop, bypassed another mud creature, and retrieved the Essence of the Mountain. At your return to Sarm, you found the village completely empty.”



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