A Tale of Bolerias

Session 4

The was narrated to the party at the beginning of the fifth session.
“You rode north from Intielk into a forest, where you were ambushed by a sentient ballista, obviously enchanted by some sorcery. During the ride it started to rain heavily, and you took refuge at the farm of some man named Elliot, where you were besieged by a strange and revealing dream. The morning after, you found the house empty, Elliot gone, and the ‘farm’ barren, the land untouched.

You continued onward until reaching a village at the base of the mountains of Olrem, a town called Sarm. There were still people here, and they told you of the troubles that had besieged them since the fog came, and how few traveled into the mountains returned. A guide there, Pern, gave you passage up the mountain and left you at the bridge leading into Olrem, a bridge where you were attacked by a set of wyverns.

Inside the mountain, however, did you face a different challenge. The mountain closed on you, and you found yourselves traveling down confusing passageways and fighting creatures that emerged from the dirt beneath your feet. After some time you all came to a part in the side of the mountain by climbing up a rope, and after going down a hallway met a dwarf named Trisbul Trensmar the Fourth, and his pet destrachan named Alfus. You then proceeded down another corridor from his house, into a large cavern where you faced off a horde of mud monsters. Afterwards, you crossed a large drop, bypassed another mud creature, and retrieved the Essence of the Mountain. At your return to Sarm, you found the village completely empty.”

Session 3

The party left Tren and headed north, riding into the kingdom of Roedran, until reaching the coastline at Northrend. The monk found a journal at a temple of Pelor, belonging to a monk from his monastery. They then proceeded across the seas. During the ride there was a storm, and the party headed to the lowest level of the ship to save what cargo they could.

The following was narrated to the party at the beginning of session four.
“After being impeded by a storm and waves of sahuagin on the seas, the trade ships routed out to the Miret. You spent a day in the coastal town of Aesh before heading northward into Bolerias, the intended goal of your journey. The townspeople of Aesh have been telling you about how they have had no word from Bolerias, and any trade caravans either go missing or return unexpectedly. Regardless, you, along with your companions and a deva knight named Iannes, headed across the border.

When you arrived in Bolerias you found the realm covered in a thick fog. Along the way to Intielk, a major city in the southeast corner of Bolerias, you were waylaid by a group of human guards who seem to be acting out of their own will. You met similar opposition at the castle of Intielk, and the city itself empty. After fighting your way through a guard tower, you made it to the throne room with Intielk and fought a hound creature made of shadow. Behind the throne you also came across a cavernous hallway leading to a glowing ball of air, an Essence. On your return to the throne room, you handed it over to the demanding Iannes who seemed possessed with madness. He was overcome by a dark force that resulted in you having to kill him, and with his last breath he muttered: “The sky is burning.”

Just then a figure appeared in front of you, a wizard who introduced himself as Moldross. He told you off this taint that has spread from the capital city of Cordran, and that you and your group would have to collect other Essences across Bolerias in order to drive back this spreading fog before it goes beyond the borders of the country. He directed you north to the mountain city of Olrem, where the next Essence lies. Once you have gathered the other Essences you would travel to Fool’s Tower, his residency, which lies across the channel from the northern coast town of Fargos.”

Session 2

The party went out and started searching, and after a few hours found a cave that they found a lone duergar guard in. They swam through an underground river along a rope, and found Dargrim and his guards conversing with some duergar. The party entered a fight, and after defeating the duergar, was backstabbed by Dargrim, who’s party they also defeated. Dargrim was then brought back to Hammerfast and incarcerated. The monk was also given a magic scroll that bore the symbol of Pelor but also the markings of his monastery.

The following day, the party left eastward for the city of Tren, in the Greylands, another of the Five Kingdoms. They were told that the Fellhammer Clan intends to rebuild the kingdom across the sea, in a foreign country of Bolerias. At Tren, however, the party found that the farmlands were being mysteriously set ablaze. At the insistence of the monk, the party went out to search for the cause, and found a nest of drakes in a cave. When the odds seemed insurmountable, the druid let out a sort of burst of power that destroyed all the other drakes, and continued off. The party followed, and found the druid in some strange form facing off against a drake, who recognized the druid. The party defeated the drake, but was then faced with battling the druid. Then the party learned about the primal beast that lives within the druid.

Back at Tren, the party is brought to the council meeting, and Baern convinces the Five Kingdoms to re-establish trade routes across the sea with Bolerias. The party is hired and it is intended for them to leave in the next couple of weeks as Baern returns to Hammerfast to gather troops and goods. In the meantime, the party goes exploring around the city: Hai-Sho finds some scrolls at a temple of Pelor, and Soveliss meets Iannes, a deva knight of the Raven Queen. Dwarf acquired a potted plant to keep the druid from going crazy.

Session 1

The journey begins in the Five Kingdoms, in the country of Mysragaen. At The Hollow Jester, a tavern in the port city of Ilyar, the threads of fate seem to come together as the group joins together. Hai-Sho has come off a ship called Harbinger from the dock, Soveliss spent the evening there, Alkaid sat in a corner, and Mardik Falconhoof was with his companion Baern, on a trade trip from the mountains north. Baern hired the other three and headed off north. Along the way, they found the town of Ironwood (in the Ironwood Forest) under siege from orcs, strange, given how the orcs usually stay within the mountains. After fighting off waves, the party left to search for the orcs in the forest. They found them in a cave, and discovered the orcs working with duergar, plotting the sabotage of trade caravans from the mountains. The party let the orc shaman/leader go.

The party returned to Ironwood and headed north, into the Dawnforge Mountains and reached Hammerfast, a village in a valley resting within the mountains. At Rondal’s Inn, the party met Mardik’s cousin, Dargrim, and was paid by Baern, and given a hiring opportunity to watch a warehouse during Siege Day. While at the warehouse, the party was ambushed by duergar, one of which they captured. Baern then instructed the party to search out in the countryside.


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