Centuries after the fall of the Baer Tohl Empire, the world of Ymira is still trying to rebuild itself. Whatever conflict that led to the end of the empire that stretched across most of the known world likewise closed off whatever connection the prime material had to the magical planes beyond. A few individuals may carry with them some kind of magical prowess, but most live mundane lives.

This tale involves a group of the former.

It has been near four centuries since the Fall of the Baer Tohl, and the Five Kingdoms are finding themselves suffering in sustainability. The fields of the Greylands are drying up, Mysragaen’s southern ports see fewer trade throughout the days, Berwyn and Highrealm spend their days fending off barbarian or pirate invaders, and Roedran sits quietly in the north as the snow is the only visitor to its docks. The Fellhammer clan within the mountains has decided to re-establish trade routes with a nation across the sea: Bolerias, and it is a curious set of folk who become a part of this journey.

A middle-aged eladrin who carries a dark burden, a monk from a far-off island in search of his brothers, a dwarf from a visiting clan hoping to rebuild a dwarven empire, and a half-elf struggling with a primal spirit living inside them. These are the four who travel to Bolerias to discover an entire country covered in a deep, impenetrable and magical fog, one that threatens to cover the entire world of Ymira. The powers beyond this world grow hungry, and what better place to return to than the realm that once served as host to the illustrious empire of the Baer Tohl?

A Tale of Bolerias

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